scott howie & michael graeve accident van (2004) eight channel audio installation

a collaboration with michael graeve as part of wagga space program‘s unsound 2004 mutable landscapes project

artist statement: starting with a lo-fidelity bent, scott howie and michael graeve’s week-long collaborative residency at the junee railway roundhouse has taken a turn toward clarity and intentionality. edited field recordings of the site and its activities, and of small turntables recorded near the big turntable, are giving rise to an eight-channel composition which will be diffused within the historic section of the roundhouse. the composition’s evolution has been lovingly encircled by the competing voices of poetry and formalism, figuration and abstraction, individualism and collaboration, nostalgia and contemporaneity.

“Michael Graeve and Scott Howie’s installation, comprising edited field recordings and domestic turntables, was set in the Junee railway round-house, a circular structure with some 35 locomotives around the edge and a rotating turntable in the centre. It was from the centre of this turntable that the work was best experienced. The strongest aspect of the work was its use of the building’s scale, with sounds projected at the audience from across what felt like a great distance. The composition co-existed with the feel of the workshop itself—strong material at a quiet pace.”

bruce mowson installations out of wagga realtime

photo: anna liebzeit