the magazine project is a 30 issue magazine with a print run of 30 copies sporadically published and distributed
format : double sided A4 folded to 8 A7 pages
side 1: magazine pages | side 2: foldout A4 poster

it may be possible to find old copies in the wild. visit the blog

issue #7: hall & oates
made for halfway printfest
gifted, exchanged and left in venues

issue #6: beards of the world cup
distributed 4/7/14

issue #5: santa
not distributed publicly
mailed or hand delivered to friends accompanied by a print of one of 8 photographs shamelessly taken from here. however there were some left overs and i did forget to send 1 or 2.

issue #4: clutter
distributed 1/11/03
unfortunately the notebook with the distribution details was lost in sorting through the clutter in the move to griffith in 2004.  i bet there is some in the wagga library though. research is currently underway. features guest contributers

issue#3: recluse
distributed 24/10/03

issue#2: flag burning
distributed 20/9/03
featured colour by numbers flag for burning

issue#1: idi amin
distributed 13/9/03